Autumn is a colorful spectacle


The landscape presents itself full of color contrasts, the forests dress themselves in rich

shades of red, yellow and copper. The clear autumn air and the pleasantly warming sun

rays let apples and grapes ripen on the trees. In addition to the apple and grape harvest

we also collect the first chestnuts With that the “Törggelen” begins, a meal with a long

tradition. It consists of new wine, roasted chestnuts and typical farmer’s fare. Only 10

minutes away from the Ackpfeiferhof is the Götzfriedkeller, a restaurant which is famous

for its good meals and cozy atmosphere. It is easily reached by foot. In many valleys the

animals now come from their mountain pastures. Our sheep have not left home, but

stayed on our farm to work as ecological lawn mower.



Chestnut adventure path

Autumn in Meran