Your companion, even on holiday...


Our easy-care apartments with parquet and tiled floors and balconies, are ideal

for vacations with your dog.

Our dog Justy: I'm the boss and this is my home. Not I have chosen the family Malleier,

but they have chosen me. It was love at first sight. Mutual respect between humans

and animals and obedience is very important for my family, therefore I worked a lot to

be the obedient and lovable dog I am today. My family also thinks cleanliness to be of

great value. This has been difficult for me in the beginning but I can see that it is

necessary. On our farm we have rules, to which also you will have to respect. In the

courtyard you have to be on a leash, because playing children could be afraid, also the

courtyard is not your toilet. We have a large farmyard with lots of walks and interesting

smells for you to discover. Dog waste has to be collected and disposed. You will be very

welcome here, if your family thinks like us and respects our rules. And do not forget to

bring your bed, your blanket and a towel for you.


The loyalty of a dog lasts a lifetime…